Pros And Cons of Sports Pills

All the competitive athletes and fitness buffs who want to enhance their sports performance remain in the constant hunt for the suitable sports pills. Some people are suspicious of the results and wonder whether taking sports supplements can give them faster and more effective results without toiling too hard. There are some others who are scared of their side effects and want to know whether these pills are safe for them.

What Are the Sports Supplements? A Quick View:

Sports pills or sports supplements are known as ergogenic aids. These products are meant for increasing athletic performance and include vitamins, amino acids, minerals, useful herbs and much more. These products are safer to use and hence they are normally available over the counter without any prescription.

Some people consider them as dietary supplement and dietary supplements and they do not need FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval before hitting the market. That apart, manufacturers need not follow the FDA’s present good manufacturing practices so that customers can be assured of the quality and safety of the product. FDA can take action if the product is found to be unsafe once it hits the market.

Pros and Cons of Sports Pills:

Athletes who want to boost their performance and are taking sports pills should be well informed about the pros and cons of them. Every year, thousands of sport pills hit the market, but the impact of these pills vary from person to person. Enumerated here are certain advantages and disadvantages of these pills.


  • It helps in maintaining a good physique of the players.
  • It is important to select the kind pill that suits you the best and helps you increase your performance which in turn increases the self-confidence.
  • Taking these pills enhances your physical activities, although the results are temporary.
  • It increases your muscle mass and provide you a great amount of stamina and vigor.

Positive Health Effects:

  • Though the results that these performance enhancing pills give is transient and often people consider it as a negative part, but these drugs have a positive impact on health in some situations. But, these drugs can affect your health in a positive way when it is appropriately used and as per the directions of a sports practitioner. For instance, steroid drugs help in reducing the swelling caused by the inflammation caused by the sickness or allergies.
  • These pills provide a temporary relief from a few symptoms. People use this drug to get relieved if the swelling is located in any dangerous or uncomfortable region of the body.


  • The positive health effects are usually only provided in specific situations. It provides short-term relief from certain symptoms, which can help if swelling is located in an uncomfortable or dangerous area of the body.


Negative Health Effects of Sports Pills:

On the one hand where performance enhancing sports pills increase stamina, vigor and physical abilities, it also has certain negative impacts on health which cannot be overlooked. When these drugs are used consistently they can pose a serious risk to your health. A few adverse impacts of sports pills are as follows:

  • Damage of liver.
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Severe depression.
  • Aggressiveness in behavior and constant mood swings.
  • Irregular heart beats and other heart ailments
  • Stress and hypertension.

The exact health risks of these drugs vary from person to person and with age. For instance, teenagers are at the risk of not growing further and mature people may face the risks of baldness or the anomalous growth of tissues in the unnatural regions. Its regular usage may result in its addiction, which is dangerous.

Reduced Athletic Ability:

Though the short-term usage of sports pills enhances stamina and also muscle building abilities, but if these are consumed regularly for years, they reduce the ability to perform athletic tasks. Steroids of these pills may result in depression, lack of motivation, lack of interest and increase in body weight. These stimulants may also cause side effects like dizziness or cramping. Long-term usage of sports pills is not advisable as they reduce natural sports abilities when taken for a long time. Lack of interest, depression, stress, hypertension, weight gain and lack of motivation are some of downsides of taking sports pills.

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Supplements For Martial Arts

Nutrition is very important to everybody because we live on it to a great extent. What is incorporated in our nutrition defines our organ function, alertness, mental clarity and neuromuscular activity. A martial artist requires a coordination of both physical and mental activities. This necessitates them to have unique nutritional needs. They need to coordinate so that when their minds think of taking an action, their bodies respond by taking the action immediately. At no point are they supposed to lose their breath or time poorly when playing. They therefore need all the necessary vitamins, nutrients and minerals to have a well-coordinated physical and mental synergy. Below are some supplements that may work well for a martial artist.


This supplement gives you power and strength. Creatine can be found in meat or fish. Taking enough creatine will help you to go on with your exercise, as it sustains the quick repetitive sessions of exercise for martial art training. Taking enough creatine will take you a mile further in your exercise.

The alertness of a martial artist is also boosted as creatine is known for its cognitive value which helps them stay alert mentally. This is a competitive edge in the field as you can use it against an opponent who is losing his or her alertness.

It has been argued that if the players need hydrated muscle fibers and tendons then creatine can help in this. This has not been proved yet through studies. But suppose that it is true, the player will be very flexible because of the hydrated muscle fibers and tendons.

Fish oil.

We know that from fish oil we get omeaga-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids prevent chronic inflammation and enhance blood lipids. When chronic inflammation is mentioned we think of tendon pain, joint aches, muscle pain, heart disease and asthma because they closely linked. Therefore when a martial artist takes fish oil, joint ache and the muscle pains will not be something to bother them because they are eliminated. Their cardiovascular condition will also be improved.

Whey protein.

This is something that a martial artist should have already incorporated in their nutrient. Some may have not started because of the mentality that only the body builders need it, not you. Your training requires a lot of power and strength and hence many calories. This straining will break down your muscle tissues and you will definitely require proteins to rebuild them. You are recommended whey protein because it can give you the proteins you require before and after training effectively.

Glucosamine and chondroitin.

As a martial artist, your joints are very much worked out. You throw a thousand kicks and fists to your opponent. You take your opponents down and you receive some of their takedowns. You do a lot of exercise and all these definitely cause your joints to wear and tear. With these two supplements, be sure not to be bothered by massive joint issues. Chondroitin ensures that damage to your joints does not occur. In case it occurs, glucosamine will repair the damage. Take them both as they are perfect when they are both.


Basically, it is for healing. Elastin for tendons are made from zinc. Zinc also helps in digestion and upkeep of hair, skin, sperm, prostate gland and body immunity. If you do not have enough zinc supplements, you will have stiff joints because the elastin for tendons is in deficient. Other symptoms which result from zinc deficiency may be stretch marks and white spots on your nails though they are not related to a martial artist.


Vitamin c- if your exercise involves much sparring, vitamin C is good for you. It will prevent blood vessels and tissue from injuring. Get you vitamins from oranges, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, fresh strawberries and cantaloupes.

Vitamin A- a martial artist will benefit from its wound healing ability.

Vitamin B complex- the period during which a person can endure and their strength is what vitamin B complex is known for. You need complete vitamin B complex to have your food broken into energy which gives you strength. Choline which is part of vitamin in B complex is needed to allow communication between the muscles and the nervous system. If you do not have enough choline, your muscles will not respond as required. A martial artist requires enough vitamin B complex, otherwise they will feel irritated and exhausted which will affect their performance negatively.

Vitamin E- I will refer it to as the athlete’s vitamin as everyone calls it. Vitamin E can be kept in the body but with extensive activity, it is very much used, hence increasing its requirement. Martial artist use it for energy, endurance and the reduced and controlling breathing during extreme exercise.

Make enough use of the above supplements and see how your performance in martial arts will be boosted.

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